Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Gerry

Okay, where can I start with my adored Scottish honey. Yes I do call ,Gerard Butler, Gerry because we have that kind of relationship. We go way back to 2006. So I was with my friends and we went to see 300. I kept thinking who is this actor playing Leonidas? Where did they find this man? Who is he? Why oh why can't I be in a movie with him? After 300, I was on a mission to see every movie Gerry did. I almost have. So I'm pretty much Gerry mad.

Gerry turns 39 today. Your only getting better, sweetheart!! Best Gerry movies? All of them. Okay, let me try to exercise some restraint. I have whittled it down to five. I have to throw in that RocknRolla is a must see for a Gerry fan. I promised to keep this list to five. Here it is.

Top Gerry Movies (not in any particular order)
Phantom of The Opera - Singing and Brooding Gerry
Dracula 2000- Sexy Gerry
300- Kick ass Gerry
Dear Frankie - Sweet and Solid Gerry
P.S. I Love You- Whimsical and Romantic Gerry

Happy Birthday Gerry!! Much love and kisses to you.


mermaid musings said...

muau to Gerry ;-)
cutie!!! LOL

Beverly said...

When they made one of my fave books "Timeline" into a film I had to see it and even though much of the movie was disappointing Gerard Butler more than made up for it. He's so gorgeous! Purr....

Arty Em said...

wasn't Dear Frankie just the sweetest movie!? I love him, and he is also adorable in RocknRolla - if a gangster can be adorable. . . .

Cheryl Lynn said...

You need to go somewhere and sit down, Girl! I love that man! After seeing Gerry in 300 I quickly decided that all he would have to do is "breathe" in a movie and I would see it. If he spit on the ground, I'd go see it.

I could've seen 300, 300 times!(I think I might have tried to).
He was positively adorable in P.S. I Love You...

Can't wait to see RocknRolla.

Love you, my fellow Gerry-fite!

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