Thursday, October 9, 2008

What if?

When I was a kid, I read comic books. My male cousins got me into it. I use to read X-Men, Star Wars, Micronauts, Dazzler, Avengers. One of my favorite Marvel specials were the What if's series they would publish. Like What if Spiderman and Wolverine traded powers. Just an example. Knowing Marvel comic universe they might have already done this. I still read Comic Books or as they are called now Graphic Novels from time to time.

So I now pose a few What if questions for you. There is no right or wrong answer. Just something to make you think. Most of the time we go through life on warp speed and don't take time to think about our lives.

What if you got an annual tax free paycheck of 250 thousand dollars what would you do?

What if you can tell off the most annoying person in your world without any guilt?

What if you can travel back in time to a younger version of you? What would you tell yourself without revealing too much?

What if you married that other guy or other woman how would your life be different?

What if you could meet any person in time who would it be?

What if you actually did that secret dream that no one else knows about it?

What if you you felt no fear what would you do today?


Don said...

1) I would invest that money into some future capital and pretty much continue to live, humbly.

3) I would continue to tell myself @ the age of 15 that education is the only way to true life and success in this world.

If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be that lady with whom I will enjoy a happy and blessed married life. Have you seen her? LOL.

Susie said...

1. I would kick my business up a notch.

2. I wouldn't do it because it would only make me feel worse.

3. I would tell myself to slow down and breath. Many decisions were made in haste.

4. I would be living with an alcoholic and the cycle would not be broken.

5. I would love to meet Oprah or Martha. I know that is a really girlie answer but that's who I like so, I guess I am a girlie girl.

6. I would be doing stand up.

7. If I felt no fear, I would do stand up.

Keith said...

1. I want buy me a place in Europe somewhere, maybe France, Spain, or Italy. I would then enjoy life there as I wrote the book I've always been meaning to. I would also give more to charity.

2. I've already done that. lol Just kidding.

3. I would tell my younger self not to drop out of college no matter how much you hate it.

4. I'm not married, so I guess this question is pretty non applicable to me.

5. Do I have to pick just one? :-) That would be hard. Probably somebody like Alexander the Great.

6. I would definitely be writing books. I guess it's not a secret anymore.

7. Probably ask this beautiful woman I know out on a date.

Sacred Suzie said...

Great questions! I wish I could answer them all but I'm in the middle of packing. I love that you are crazy about superheroes Shell. You are one of the coolest people I have met on the internet. Superheroes, movies, TV, NYC... what is not to love. Have a wonderful October and I will see you for Halloween! Don't forget to make a collage if you have time.

If I had no fear I would travel the entire world.

Keith said...

Oh yeah. I grew up reading a lot of comics. I was divided between Marvel and DC. I actually read X-Factor a lot as far as Marvel was concerned. That and X-Men were two of my favorites. For DC, Batman was tops. He's my favorite superhero. I love him in everything from the campy 60's show up to the Dark Knight.

mermaid musings said...

1. start my business
3. in the end things have a reason to happen and you will be ok
4. mmmm, LOL
5. lady of the lake (Avalon)
6. LOL
7. Stay at home

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