One of my best friends who I call My Twin (because we favor each other lot) and her daughter love an Japanese singer/actor called Gackt. He's huge in Asia. Not sure how known he is here unless your into Asian pop music like they are. He is a cutie and has a nice voice.

About a month ago, I was listening to the one of the music channels I have on cable. This song came on. I was really feeling it. I was like who is this? So I looked at the artist. I was like he looks Asian. So I wrote his name down. And googled him, ah the joys of the internet. Then I found him.

His name is Toshi Kubuto. He's Japanese singer. As a teen he fell in love with R&B music. He started out singing regular J-pop songs then switched to his real love: R&B. Last Friday, My Twin, Jazz and I went out. We went to a Korean music for Jazz to get some more music. My Twin spotted a double CD of Toshi for me. It was the right price of 8.00 dollars. I was so happy. Some of the songs are in Japanese. I totally get what he's saying by his inflections and the music. So Toshi is my new passion. It's a bit hard to find recent info on him. I'm so hoping I find when he comes to New York, so I can hear him live.

Listening to Toshi reminds that music can transcend race, culture and even language. Here is his song "Nothing but your love". Big hug to My Twin and her daughter, Jazz when they read this.


Ronnica said...

I've never listened to Japanese pop before. Sounds interesting, though! I'll have to check it out when I can use speakers.

JourneytoFamily said...

I agree with you that music transcends race and culture. I've always loved music/musicians from other countries. Much of my music is in languages other than English.

illahee said...

very cool!

thanks for visiting via BATW, i was very glad to 'see' you!

Arty Em said...

yes - he is awesome, if he comes to NY, post it here and I will come, too and we can be front row in the fan club!

Keith said...

That sounds really cool. Thanks for sharing that with us. A few years back I started listening to Japanese and Korean pop music. I try to listen to music from around the globe. I've even been listening to Arabic pop music. You've got a really cool blog. I came across it the other day. It's a really cool blog.