Monday, September 1, 2008

New Things

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend so far. To all those in Gustav's path, my prayers are with you.

Creativity is a path for me. Sometimes you get inspired to try new things that may seem at odds with who you are. I say follow the path where it leads. Maybe this new thing you have whispering to you to try late at night is where you need to go. On Thursday, I read how Darius Rucker, lead singer of Hootie and The Blowfish has left the band to start a solo career. He's doing Country Music. Maybe he wanted to do that for years. I don't know. I love that he decided to follow his path. I saw the video and I like the song. Wanted to share. Enjoy.


Sacred Suzie said...

Fascinating! It's so true, we just don't know where the path with take us and I love being surprised. Like I never thought I would make jewellery. It doesn't seem like me on a lot of levels because "things" drive me crazy but I do have gypsy blood and there is something about the little special touch of something handmade that I love.

I am so excited for him that he is doing something that suits him more, I think he sounds great!

blackstar said...

Wow - I love it when people follow their dreams. All of us have something inside that we need to follow if we aren't doing it already. Again, wow - country music. lol

maritessb said...

Thank you for your kind words on Fly Girls! This post is soo true. I love what your blog stands for. I'll be looking out for your posts. And kudos to Darius Rucker.

mermaid musings said...

heyy !!! I like that dolphin jumping in your sidebar, where did you get it from? super cool!!!

I agree big time here with you my dear blog friend:
follow your bliss!!!

p.s. I love his voice A LOT!

Shell said...

Suzie, I'm glad your following a new path with jewelery. Your good at as well, so maybe it was there all along waiting for you.
Blackstar and Maritessb, glad your both feeling me about people following their dreams wherever they go.
Carmen, I going to answer your question in my next post. Glad you all were digging Darius' new jam.

Lynda said...

Thank you for stopping by Texas via BATW today - I am so glad you did - it let me get to "meet" you and your blog - I plan on coming back!

Don said...

That dolphin to the left is a pretty unique visual, and I too am happy Gustav didn't end up being another Katrina.

Midsummerprism said...

Oh' yes! ha!ha! That dolphin is terribly cute.

When I feel like I'm an empty well when it comes to the creativity department, I hop on to blogs like yours that inspire. I'm just really thankful that there is a convenient means to get back a sense of balance when one feels "ugh."

have a happy day!

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