Happy Birthday Mark and Chris

I just came back from my walk. I'm still hurting over yesterday's disappointment. It's going to take me a while to get over this. As they say in my business, the show must go on. I had to do a birthday this post on my two special men born on the same day.

When I was a kid in the 70's, there are two movies that made such an impact on me. It was Star Wars (1977) and Superman (1978). I fell in love as much as you can as a little girl with the two stars : Mark Hamill and Christopher Reeve.

When I saw Star Wars, I was totally transfixed. I was instantly devoted to Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamill was to me the cutest boy I ever saw on the big screen. My love of Luke extended to the talented Mark. I followed him beyond the Star Wars Trilogy. Watching him in Corvette Summer, Big Red One, The Lights Went Out in Georgia to name a few of his other movies. Mark is now known as The King of Voice Actors. If your watch any animated series or movie today he is probably in it. Best known for his wonderful voice acting as The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. For a Mark Hamill fan like me, it sucks never getting to see him in front of the camera. I still hope that one day he can do one of the Law and Orders or CSI. I did get the pleasure to meet him at a book signing. He was so sweet and wonderful to me. That made my whole year. Mark at 57 still has my heart.

After Star Wars, I figured there would be no one else for me except Mark Hamill. Then I saw Superman. Christopher Reeve was so tall, handsome and dreamy. Just as I did with Mark, I followed Chris beyond Superman. Watching him in movies like Somewhere in Time, Monsignor,and Mortal Sins. I was in awe of the way Chris dealt with being paralyzed. I really believed he would walk again because he believed it so firmly. I was heartbroken when he passed in 2004. I did get a chance to see Chris close up at the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite films: Somewhere in Time. Though he was bound in his wheelchair, he still was my Superman. He would of been 56 today.

I send much love, kisses and birthday wishes to my Mark and Chris. Though Chris isn't here anymore, I know he's looking down and smiling.


Susie said...

Two great men! Happy Birthday to both of them:-)

mermaid musings said...

Love them both!
I hope you are doing better swetheart...
Please know that I am thinking of you.
How about going for a walk? Is it crispy fall the air or not yet?

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I love both those movies and what better movie is out there then Somewhere in Time. I am going to have to watch it now.

I loved your comment on the layover from BATW. I wish you every happiness in your relationship.