Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Romantic life

I usually don't do double posts. I felt compelled to do so today. I rarely talk about my romantic life. Hey, even on a blog you should have a bit of mystery. Well, there is a special man in my life I call my Dark Knight. We have been trying to see each other for weeks now and something always come up. Seriously, we have been thwarted at every turn. Last night was no exception. So we are going to try again tonight. Hopefully, the stars will smile down on us. The song is I can't seem to make you mine by Clientele. I know this is not positive thinking. I play this when I feel so frustrated. It soothes me in an odd way. The song is from one of my favorite movies: The Lake House. Enjoy. Keep you fingers crossed for me.


Sacred Suzie said...

I hope the meeting goes perfectly! I am a huge romantic and totally fell in love with the Lake House and in my heart I hope that all the challenges you've had trying to get together vanish into thin air. :)

mermaid musings said...

i hope everything goes well and yes my fingers will be crossed for you always and my good thoughts and energy in your way to get everything you wish and dream.
oh yes!!!
Good luck dear!

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