Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Angela

Forgive me for being a bit late with this birthday love. There have been a slew of birthdays I have missed including Halle (Aug 14) and Pam Grier (May 26). On a later date, I have to go back and do the birthdays I missed.

I am a day late, I still have much love for my next birthday lady. She is powerful, dynamic, beautiful and owns the screen whenever she comes on. I'm talking about Angela Bassett. Who turned 50 yesterday! I'm hoping to look at good as 50 as Angela does. Whether she is setting it off as Tina Turner (her Oscar nominated turn) or Bernadine in Waiting to Exhale. Wanting to rediscover herself as Stella in Stella Got Her Groove Back or showing strength and courage as Rosa Parks in the Rosa Park Story. Angela is always authentic and real. Whatever her character is feeling you feel it to. To me a true mark for a great actor. She is married to her honey, Courtney B. Vance( who is good actor in his own right) and has two adorable children.

I happened to find angiebnews which is all about Angela. So check it out. I give much love and respect to my girl, Angela. She is one of a kind!! Happy Birthday Angela and many more to come.

P.S. This is just my opinion, I felt she should have been Storm in The X-Men movies. She would have rocked the part.


Anonymous said...

HA!!! I said the same thing about Angie when X-Men came out! lol =) She rocks, and I LOVED her in the Rosa Parks Story. The first movie that introduced me to her was Waiting to Exhale, and I totally adored her character in it.

Your blog is so cozy and light! I think I'll make a habit of coming by... =)

hugs, love, and light,

Tea Time and Roses said...

Yes, Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Angela! She is absolutely beautiful, and making 50 look fabulous!! For me, her as Tina Turner was awesome! But then again all of Angela's work is wonderful! Enjoy your week!



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