Back to Back

I had auditions on back to back days. My first one yesterday was for a music video. No, not a booty shaking video! This one is a heartfelt song from an singer-songwriter named Charlie Hewson about his favorite waitress. I thought that was so sweet.
Today, I had one for an independent film. I was a bit to animated during the first read through. I think the rush of nervousness just caught me. By the second time, I felt a lot more comfortable and more in tune with the conversational tone of the script. Then the director had me go and work on a monologue from the script for about 15 minutes. And come back to do it again. The third time is the charm as they say. I feel I really hit it with the monologue.
So callbacks for the film are in early September. And the music video shoots around the same time. Will I get one or maybe both? Who knows? I have to wait and see. I feel I had a productive two days. So I now can look forward to my weekend.

Everyone have a wonderful Friday!

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Sacred Suzie said...

Way to go! That's a lot of auditions and they sound like they went well Shell, that's fantastic! I think the universe is saying, good for you for not giving up!

Your dreamboard is launched!