Yesterday, I had an audition for a favorite t.v. show of mine. It has been one of my acting goals to be on it. So I went in to read for two roles. The casting director was so cool. When I finished, I could float away. I did my best and now all I can do is just be patient. That is the part of an actor's life, too. Waiting patiently for the call. And if you get it, all right!! Green light. If you don't, well you keep on stepping. Know you did your best. Hoping you made an impression on the cd and maybe they call you again for another role. Yes, I'm the eternal optimist. I have to be. Life can be challenging. I rather ride it with a smile and hope.


Brown English Muffin said...

Ohhh I so want to know which show!!! LOL

Shell said...

Hi Brown English Muffin. I love your name. Thanks so much for commenting. I don't want to jinx it and say which show. A hint is that it's a popular drama based in NYC.