Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hello Summer

I can't remember which blogger said this. Summer is like the noon of the calendar. It is the point where the sun is at it's zenith. The energy will hold for about a day or two like this hence the summer solstice. It is a potent time for all of us. Tomorrow is also a new moon and a solar eclipse. So the energies are potent.

I have my altar decorated with bright colors for the Summer; behind one of my cards is a ceramic mermaid tail. I always feel merfolk energy is potent around this time with most of spending more time near the waters.

You can also decorate with merfolk: mermaids and mermen. Seashells, ships, sand or any beach feeling to tune into that magical energy of Summer. With everyone that has been happening since 2020 began, we can use some extra life affirming magic.

I am also sharing my new intuitive offering; My intuitive business has been booming which has been a big blessing for me. I added a two hour intuitive reading session with yours truly.
Also, I have my instagram friday night live at 8pm, so you are welcome to come to that to get a sense of my reading style. If you want more info on my offerings, go here.

I am wishing you all a wonderful first day of Summer. Don't forget to do your new moon lists tomorrow. A new moon list is all the you want to manifest in this new moon cycle.

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