Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Inspiration

Happy Thursday, my friends. I decided to let my Muse inspire me. I was pinning on Pinterest. I closed my eyes, wherever my finger landed I put right here. The images that I felt like a yes I put here. You can play along too, look at the pictures. Which one are you drawn to? Imagine what the message has for you. Signs are everywhere immbed in the fabric of your life. You have to look and listen closely.

This is what I got when looked at each picture:

Relationships with your father can get really complicated....

Better to be Strong and people think you are crazy than be downtrodden and well liked.

Coziness breeds contentment.

Magic is not limited to a moon cycle. Magic flows 24-7.

Moonlight is good for my soul.

Hope you like this. If you got a message from one of the pictures, I love to know.


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