Monday, October 10, 2016

Thrush Green

With the cooler weather and longer nights, now is a great time to cuddle up with a good book. I like to share one of my favorites called Thrush Green.

For years, I would go to my local library and see the same book by a Miss Read. It looked like a sweet book about life in a country village in England. The book was in the middle of the series. I dislike reading books from a series in the middle. Then the other day, I stumbled on Miss Read again. I looked it up in the library and they had the series starting from the beginning.

Miss Read is actually the pen name of Dora Saint who wrote a series of books on village life in the country. Where I live in The Bronx has a small village feel to it.

It is May 1st. The book chronicles the whole day in the life of the town. You get the meet all the lovely characters. Here is a sweet paragraph from Thrush Green.

"No one could guess how much hospital life oppressed the girl. She lay in bed on her veranda and gazed listlessly at the neat rose buds, each trim bush bearing a tidy label with its name, and, she craved for the sight of a spray of pale wild roses tossing in the fresh breeze on the open downs, for the splash rain on her face and the whistling of the wind through her hair" - Thrush Green by Miss Read

If you are looking for a cozy read that will warm your heart, read the Thrush Green series.


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