Happy Mother's Day

Being a Mom is a privilege. I know for some motherhood isn't a path for them. I respect that. For me, I would have missed out on a lot in my life if I didn't have Jake.

Yes, do I miss sleep. Yes, I don't get to sleep as often as I like. Jake always wants to know where I am, what I'm doing and how he can join in.

Being a Mom requires Patience! See how I capitalized the P in Patience. I did that for a reason. You must be patient through the tantrums, the excessive no's, the wanting to play ball for 15 minutes when you are bone tired. You take a deep breath, stay calm and be as kind, loving and patient with your child.

It is so worth it all. When you get frequent hugs, kisses, have your child read to you or ridiculously laugh for no reason. The best part is that I know Jake and I will always be close. That warms my heart. Happy Mother's Day.💝

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