Birthday Full Moon Sunday

Today is a very special day for me!! If you haven't guessed from the title above of this post. It's my birthday!! Woo hoo!!! I am 47 today.

Here is one of my favorite baby pictures. If you have been to my blog before, you have seen this picture of me at 3 months old. I think I still look pretty much the same.

I'm one of those birthday lovers who not only love to celebrate my birthday but everyone's birthday. Birthdays are special days that needs to be celebrated.

I'm wishing a Happy Birthday to all my fellow Aquarians out there.If your birthday happens to be on January 24th like mine, well you get a special hug from me. We had a crazy blizzard here out on the east coast yesterday. Last night was the Full Moon in Leo. Since the energy of the Full Moon lasts for another two days. I claim this Full Moon for my birthday too.

I always call this moon the Rock Star Moon. Leo Energy is all powerful and radiant like the sun. This picture of Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe echoes all that Rock star energy for me. All my Leo sun and moon babies, this is your special moon. For all of us, where can you be more of a Rock Star in your life? Are you playing second fiddle in your own life? Are you not speaking your truth and dimming your light to allow others to shine. Oh, no more. It's time to be seen, be heard and stand out!! If you are an Aquarius like me, you know we Aquarians love our freedom. If you are not free in parts of your life, it's time to be Free!! This is a recent favorite picture of me in December when I went to Atlantic City. See that big smile, I felt free on that day.

I'm wishing to all of you some of my birthday magic. May the rest of your Sunday and the upcoming week be filled with freedom, glorious self expression and happiness.


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Anonymous said...

I have already wished you a Happy Birthday, earlier today, but now I get to do so publicly. Happy Birthday! May the Goddess and Her Angels Lovingly and Lavishly Bless your Birthday, and all your days, with Divine Joy, Divine Riches, Divine Success and the complete unfolding of your Divine Plan.

Second, I was going to make something for you this morning, but I needed extra rest and rejuvenation, so I shall certainly make it this week, but it shall be complete no later than next Sunday, January 31, 2016, 1PM.

Third, there is no quetsion in my Mind that in addition to being "The Year of Divine Completion," 2016 has many Sacred Surprises and Ascending Adventures for many of us.

Enjoy the rest of your Birthday week, and thank you for writing and publishing this blog post your Birthday!