Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring

Hello my friends. It is a gloomy looking day in The Bronx with a threat of snow coming in the air. Snow!! Winter won't let go. At 6;45 est, Spring will officially be here. Not only is it the Spring Equinox, it is a New Moon in Aries, and a Solar Eclipse. It is a cosmically charged day, my friends.

Here is my Spring altar chock filled with roses, eggs, bunnies, crystals and shells. I have my altar up high to discourage Jacob and Jet from getting to it. Having a preschooler and a kitten around makes for a lot of highjinks especially when decorating.

Are you planning anything fun today and the first weekend of Spring? Any fun Spring goals for yourselves? Please share in the comments.

I want to share with you a lovely story about Spring; also, why bunnies and eggs are connected to it. The story goes ,as I understand it, that the goddess Ostara had woken up from her slumber. Thus spring began. All the animals wanted to share an offering to her. So they did, then one sweet Bunny came up to her. The bunny had a basket of eggs with colors in the shades of flowers, sky and sunshine. Ostara was so delighted with her gift. She declared Bunnies and eggs her personal favorites. Long after new religions sprang, still bunnies and eggs remain part of Spring.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful brand new Spring.



Laura said...

Happy Spring to you too Shell!

Dena Miller said...

Happy Spring!
Much Love and Many Blessings,

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