Clear away Negativity Bath

Happy Friday, my friends. Weekly, I like to take a special bath to clear away all the extra energy and negativity that I may have encountered during the week. I do have Sensitive skin, this still works for me. As always, allow your intuition to guide you on what to use.

Warm to hot water
A handful of Rose petals
A handful of Chamomile
Two splashes of Rose water or Florida Water
A liberal sprinkling of Nutmeg

Throw all those goodies in the tub then come on in. I soak in that for about 3-5 minutes. Then let the water out and depending on how I feel put in a bit more nutmeg or flowers. Fill it back up
with the warm water and soak for as long as needed.

When I'm done, I come out feeling all fresh and new. As I would say, My chakras aligned and my energy clear.

Have a great weekend, my friends.
PS Nutmeg is great for good luck, prosperity, protection, clearing away old energy.



Dena Miller said...

Sounds so Lovely Shell!!
In fact one of my Intentions for this year is to take Ritual Baths...I agree they are so soothing for the soul!

Wildflower Farm said...

Have you ever tried lavender with the chamomile? Or lilac??? Yummmm.... Or might I recommend lemon grass and lavender one of my all time favs.

Jennifer said...

This is just perfect! I have been looking for a delightfully cleansing bath recipe, thank you Shell!

Tracy said...

Oh, this sounds LOVELY, Shell! I've not put nutmeg in a bath before...mmm... I miss having a bathtub, though... we only have a shower stall at the moment, no room for a tub in our teeny, tiny bathroom. So I'll just have to do a mental bath... ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))