Monday, September 8, 2014

Harvest Moon

Happy Full Moon, my friends.

Even before I started following the lunar path in my 20's, I heard about the Harvest Moon. It's special I feel since the Harvest Moon always comes close to the Autumn Equinox. It lies between the end of Summer and the arrival of Autumn. You can feel the mix of the energies in the air. I like to imagine Summer and Autumn , like old friends, having a few days to spend together before they must part again till next year.

In my household, the easy going Summer energy has transformed to the creative energy of Autumn. My husband, Sean, is back in school and hopefully, Jacob, will be starting preschool soon. A school we were on a waiting list may have a space for him. Yay.

The yellows are mellowing out to Brown. The green going fiery to orange. Change is swirling in the air. Can you feel it? Are you open to the changes within you? I always like to make changes before a change is forced upon me. It makes my life easier.

The Harvest Moon rises with the dreamy and mystical Pisces energy. For all my sun and moon Pisces babies, this is your moon. Ponder your heart my friends. What or Whom do you truly love? What makes your heart pitter patter? Do you spend time daily on things that give you joy? Joy is a beautiful feeling. When you are joyful, the whole world appears brighter and happier. Your life flows easier. You have three days of the Harvest Moon energy. The day before, the night of and the day after the Full Moon to play and surf in this energy. Make some fun changes in your life. Schedule joy daily for yourself. You deserve it. Everyone has the right to feel happy and joyful.

What to do on this Full Moon?

* Take a nice long bath.
* Write handwritten letters to your loved ones.
* Wear or burn candles in colors of the Ocean or of Autumn.
* Do something fun and daring.
* Send out your resume for a "I never get that" job and see what happens.
* Donate money to organizations or spiritual places that feed your soul.
* Go to a lake, river, or ocean to soak in that watery energy
* Buy a 2015 calendar and make plans to do make time for the upcoming Full Moons.
* Pick three days in the week to sit with yourself and do nothing.
* Advertise on craigslist or local sites as a teacher in your most favorite hobby/skill.

If you have any Full Moon tips you like to share, please do in the comments. I love to hear them. As always, do what is fun, authentic and right for you under this Full Moon. I'm wishing you all dreamy Full Moon nights.

To Serenade you on this lovely Full Moon, here is Cassandra Wilson's rendition Neil Young's Harvest Moon.



Dena Miller said...

Happy Harvest Moon!!!
Totally love the song Harvest Moon and this rendition of it is beautiful!!!!

Tracy said...

Hi, Shell! Oh, I love September, and nothing quite so energizing as the Harvest Moon! Hope this will be a sweet season for you & your family. Wow, little J in preschool already??!! What a fun time! Here the creative flow is a great contrast to the rather slower energy of summer. I've just started a spiritual workshop that will last 34 weeks, until next spring. And new art projects are in progress and in the wings. So this feels like an exciting time! This year has been very much about health and spiritual growth, and it feels like I'm harvesting a bit of those now. :o) Happy Autumn Days to you & yours, Shell ((HUGS))

Judy Hartman said...

So much wisdom and joy in this post, Shell. Thank you for sharing!

Victoria said...

Hi beautifully written..I always look forward to your posts and all that you share...thanks for shining your magic! Yes me too, I love the H-Moon..such a powerful time! HUgs and blessings!

Jennifer Michelle said...

Was your Harvest Moon humongous and orange too? Oh I love this time of year, it is so cozy.

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