Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let your Aim fly

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius, my friends.
All my Sagittarius Sun and Moon sign babies,this
is your Moon.It is also a lunar eclipse. This is I believe
the third eclipse in a row. Eclipses stir up
energies big time. Makes life into a Michael
Bay movie. (He directed the movies Armageddon, Transformers

The nickname of the Sagittarius is the Archer.
The Centaur about to let his arrow go into
the Universe.

Now, what arrow would you fly into the Heavens.
What are you aiming for? To let go of something
or embrace something?

I letting my arrow soar into the starry sky
tonight. To burn up stressful situations,
comments and energies I have allowed in my energy.
Notice I said Allow. Most of the time we allow
things to bother us. We always have a choice.
What is the saying life is 10% of what happens
to us, and 90% of how we respond to it

Let your aim soar high and true tonight, my friends. Have
a fiery and safe Full Moon.


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