Happy Monday, my friends. I've missed blogging. The time away
gave me a much needed perspective for my blog and myself.

Have you been enjoying the early signs of spring? Near my
home, I see the dandelions and these beautiful pale white
flowers that come every May beginning to sprout. (I have
to find out what those flowers are.) As I see them, makes
me smile.

I'm embracing the fresh and renewing energy of Spring. I
hope you are too.

See you all right back here on Wednesday.

P.S. Now that google reader will be history, I started using
Bloglovin' to read all my blogs. You can also
Follow my blog with Bloglovin



Tracy said…
Great to see you back here, Shell! And glad your time away was refreshing in many ways. :o) Here spring is slow to unfolding, some days it feels wintry still...bbbrrr... But there's more sunshine, and I find that alone to be a big boost right now! Happy Days ((HUGS))