Happy Monday, my friends. I've missed blogging. The time away
gave me a much needed perspective for my blog and myself.

Have you been enjoying the early signs of spring? Near my
home, I see the dandelions and these beautiful pale white
flowers that come every May beginning to sprout. (I have
to find out what those flowers are.) As I see them, makes
me smile.

I'm embracing the fresh and renewing energy of Spring. I
hope you are too.

See you all right back here on Wednesday.

P.S. Now that google reader will be history, I started using
Bloglovin' to read all my blogs. You can also
Follow my blog with Bloglovin


1 comment:

Tracy said...

Great to see you back here, Shell! And glad your time away was refreshing in many ways. :o) Here spring is slow to unfolding, some days it feels wintry still...bbbrrr... But there's more sunshine, and I find that alone to be a big boost right now! Happy Days ((HUGS))