Happy Earth Day

Happy Monday, my friends.

It's Earth Day!

A reminder to love this beautiful planet we all live on.

This is what Earth Day means to me.

* Plants and Flowers are alive. They my not talk in a spoken
language, they do communicate.

* Green and wild places need to be protected, they give people
peace and tranquility especially in cities.

* The way we treat the Earth echoes on how we treat our own bodies.

* Nature heals us, we in turn should do our part to heal her in places
she has been hurt.

There are so many ways to show love to Mama Earth. Find the way that
is comfortable for you.

Happy Earth Day

P.S. I do love to hug Trees.


1 comment:

Tracy said...

Tree Hugs back at ya, Shell! ;o) I'm a tree hugger too... I'm late visiting here, but still thinking and feeling the Earth this week. ((HUGS))