Dreamy Thursday : Charles & Irene

Happy Thursday, everyone. If it's Thursday, it must
be Dreamy Thursday. This week's installment is on the
screen couple of Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne.

One of my very first posts here was about the movie Love Affair (1939).
Charles is the world famous playboy Michel Marnet
and Irene is Terry McKay. They meet and fall in love
on a cruise despite being attached to other people. And
then they plan to meet up again at the Empire State Building
in Six months. What happens next? You may already know
since Love Affair has been remade twice into
An Affair to Remember (1957), Love Affair (1994) and of course
influencing Sleepless in Seattle (1993).

Love Affair is one of my favorite movies. I adore Charles and Irene
together. To me, they sparkled on screen. About three months
ago, getting rid of my cable. I was searching for ways to
watch classic movies online. Lo, and behold, on You Tube I found
out Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne made two other movies!!!

It was like having an Early Christmas Present.

They reteamed to play in the a truly weepy romantic drama
When Tomorrow Comes(1939).
Charles is pianist Philip Changal and meets Irene Dunne
who plays Helen Lawrence, a singer turn waitress. Helen
is heading a strike for waitresses at the restaurant she
works at. She serves him lunch and catches his eye. Helen
wants no part of Philip, especially since she mistakenly thinks he
works for management at the restaurant. Phillip won't give up;
Helen falls for Philip's suave charms. Can this couple last?
For my more romantic souls, you may want to have a tissue or two on hand.

Finally, Charles and Irene finished their trilogy
in the delightfulTogether Again (1944). Irene Dunne is Anne Crandal
,a mayor of a small town. They call her Lady Mayor.
She took over the office after the death of her husband
who was the original mayor. When the statue of her husband
is hit by lightening. Her stepdaughter demands the statue
be rebuilt. Anne had to go NYC to interview a new
sculptor. Guess who the sculptor is?
Of course, it's Charles Boyer as George Corday. Once again,
Charles and Irene do a merry chase of love.

Clicking on the movie titles, will take you to watch the movies.
All three films have different plots and themes.
Charles and Irene make it all seem so effortless and real on
screen. They are spectacularly dreamy together.

Here is I believe the original trailer from Love Affair.

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