Harvest Moon

The sun is setting here, the moon is rising.

It is the Harvest Moon. One of the most luminous moons
of the year. This moon is in the sign of the Aries.
So, if you have Aries as your sun sign or in as your moon sign,
like me, this is your moon.

Aries is actually the first sign of the zodiac. It brings
the promise of new beginnings and journeys to come. With
it coming the day after the Autumn Equinox, I feel gives
it an extra punch of power.

How can you use the energy of this Harvest Moon.

Aries is full of passion, energy and focus.
Ask yourself where do you need these qualities
in your life. Then with Aries action behind it,
do it!

If you want to do something more tame. Try this:

Wear a hot red, yellow, or orange dress/blouse.

Eat or cook spicy food.

Write down your bucket list.

Alter your route to work or to your favorite spot.
Go somewhere new.

When someone says something obnoxious, tell them
where to go with a smile. (If your normally telling
people where to go, then for once be quiet.)

Watch Now,Voyager starring Bette Davis.

Crank up the music and dance all your feelings

Most importantly have fun and feel free under
this lovely Full Moon.

Take time to also to be thankful for all you have.
Be thankful for all the good that is coming your way.

Happy Harvest Full Moon.



Kalei's Best Friend said...

Really? I am gonna have to look out the window tonight. omg...would love to capture a pic of it.

Cinner said...

I admire you for your positive outlook on things, it is a wonderful time of year my friend. wonderful fall wishes to you. hugs.

Laurel said...

Hi Shell! I have missed you Cutie Girl!
You are always a ray of sunshine...how glad I am here again. Been in and out of blog life -some hard times and some good . Trying to get in the groove.
Miss and LOVE U!

Kiki said...

Gorgeous blog...I know I am going to have alot of kindred-fun here..! Super-magical enchanting post...a most perfect spell for my day...lovely tribute to the Harvest Moon! Shine on!

Michelle May said...

An Aries I am. I share this moon with you. A beautiful moon indeed!
xx, shell