Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Cleaning

Happy Thursday. There is a frigid air blast on
it's way for the weekend. I'm a proud winter
baby even for me it's cold!! Today, I went
out and it felt warm to me. It reached a sunny
38 degrees here. It felt wonderful!

I know there is spring cleaning. Have you
ever thought about Winter Cleaning? As you
take down all your holiday decorations,why
not do some cleaning too.

Do it easy. Pick a half of a closet or part
of a junk room/storage to just clean out.

I have two caramel colored winter coats
and a pink autumn jacket that I have been
staring at for months. Knowing I don't wear
them, and it can go to someone else who can
enjoy them. I lugged them down to a local
clothing donation drop off box.

Now my closet sparkles with fresh energy.
I have now made room for a new beautiful
coat to come in. I haven't found it, yet
I know I will.

If you want something new, remember
you have to make room for it to be there.
That can be physical or mental room.

Stay warm everyone.


Gloria said...

You know Shell, that's exactly what I have to do. Clean out my closet of things I don't need. Wash them and take then to one of the goodwill's. I will start on that this winter for sure. Thanks for reminding me of things I have to do. Take care.

Chrissy said...

Feels good to get rid of unused clothes doesn't it.. Great excuse to replace it w/something u know u WILL make use of.

Kiki said...

I SO need to do this! Long overdue! Love what you wrote about your coat. That is very true, about making the space for something before it can come into your life. Thanks for that much needed reminder! Enjoy the cold my dear!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I have a itty bitty library under my bed--confession time---hee hee and I had not realized how I had neglected it, so today, yep, winter cleaning occurred and I turned gray. Well, my clothes did, yikes! Fun post! By the way, love the picture of you! Had to pull my daughter in to show her because you just exude beauty and joy in it! Take care and happy new year! Blessings.

Laurel said...

Hi Sweetie- First the MOVIE was a fab time with Olivia-she LOVED it!!!
I am swooning still. The film is glorious.
I am so with you on the cleaning. I get so inspired after taking all the goodies down. Went to ikea and bought some storage goodies for my girles room. Love IKEA. Cheap fun.
Also I believe wholeheartedly that your "make room" idea goes for people as well. Sometimes we have to move some people out in order for some new to move in:)

Javajune said...

Oh shell can you come over and help me get started? My closet is in desperate need of a good purge. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

Sarah said...

I did some of this last week in conjunction with taking down the decorations. It felt so good! I need to do more though and not lose the momentum!

Caroline said... true about making room! How nice of you to give those coats to someone who needs them! :)

Anonymous said...

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