Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Is everyone ready for New Year's Eve? I am. I just came in from shopping. It is a snowy day in The Big Apple. I'm going to stay nice and warm in my apartment. Watch a an old movie. Maybe Love Affair (1939) or The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934) then ring in the New Year.

Thank you all for you great and wonderful comments on my pictures. I am going to use Girl Next Door and Me in all My Shellness for my headshots. I'm going to get 50 copies of each. Once I get them done professionally, I'll show how the finished products look. And Quiet, please send me your e-mail address I couldn't contact thru your blog.

I finally used my spanking new shiny red digital camera. I took these two cool pictures outside where I live.

This picture is what I call the leaning tree. This beautiful tree is leaning sideways from all the strong storms we had this year.

This tree is still full of berries. This reminds me that even in Winter there is still life and beauty.

I am wishing you all a Happy, Adventurous, Creative, Romantic, Abundant New Year. As for New Year's Resolutions, there is one true Resolution to me. Resolve to Live as authentically and creatively as you can be. If you do this, whatever else you want to do or be will fall naturally into place.

Sweet Dreams.

PS. Check out Hanna she has a great posts on how to end and begin a year.


Lisa said...

That is a wonderful resolution. Sort of takes care of all the others. Happy New Year, Shell! I'm so glad I met you before 2008 was over. :)

Walk in the Woods said...

I just want to wish you an absolutely fantastic, joyous, prosperous, peaceful, loving and etc .... 2009!


Lady Laurie said...

Happy New Year!
Hopeyou enjoyed your movie! I don't think I have ever seen the 139 version of "The Baretts" ~ just the later one with Jennifer Jones. I have always loved Elizabeth Barett Browning.
The picture you took of that tree is wonderful, it just keeps hanging in there!
Thank you for the link, I have been creating a list of words to choose from...
I truly hope this is your year to SHINE!!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Happy New Year to you my dear Shell! Your photos are lovely! I adore beautiful snow scenes and yours are just beautiful!



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