Michael and Me

One of my favorite actors, Michael Caine, wrote a wonderful book called Acting on Film. What I love about it is that Michael is honest and real in his writing about the craft of acting and his life. One of my favorite quotes from the book is this:

"I did as many films as I could to get the experience. If you sit around waiting for "the big one", when that opportunity finally comes along, you won't be ready for it. You won't have all that small time experience that adds up to big time ability. Success, it may surprise some to hear, come from doing, not negotiating, not counting lines, not weighing credits. Do it, do it, don't wait for it."

There is more to the quote. You get the idea. I have taken Michael's advice to heart. I have made it my business to work as much as possible. I also pick projects that I actually enjoy as well. Currently, I'm working on a student thesis film that is going to film on Friday-Saturday. It's a quirky short film; The director plans on submitting to film festivals.:) I had a callback on Saturday for an independent film called Lucid which is all about dreams. I have my fingers crossed that I get the role. In August, I worked one day on a short comedy film.

I feel even if your not an actor, Michael's advice applies to whatever creative field you are in. So listen to Michael: Do it, Do it, Don't wait for it!"


Sacred Suzie said...

I couldn't agree more! You just gotta go for it no matter what.

My brother met Michael once in downtown Toronto with a friend. His friend asked, "Jaws 4 man? What were you thinking."

He said something like, "A gigs a gig."

So true! Didn't get in his way of many fantastic roles. I just loved him when he was on Oprah too talking about his fake smile at the Oscars. He warmed my heart.

My fingers are crossed for you to get that role Shell!

mermaid musings said...

I heart him too!!!
I own a lotof his movies.
p.s. dear you, i got so busy with my paper project for the runway challenge. And with life, too.
Please know that i keep you in my thoughts and send a little prayer in your way everytime i remember you.
you will make it!

Elena said...

Thank you for visiting Idaho today. I have to say that my son is just starting to get into Star WArs. We've watched it 3 times just this week and he falls asleep holding his light sabor. It's too cute.

Shell said...

Sounds just like Michael!! Thank u for sharing your brother's story with me, Suzie.
Miss MM, you are so sweet. I appreciate all the good thoughts. Glad to know you love Michael too.
Elena, your son is so sweet sleeping with his lightsaber. Aw, he is going to grow up to be a life long fan. I had fun over at your blog.

Joelle said...

ohhh so much to read on your blog today!! I just found it. I LOVE Michael! Love what he did. Everything. I didn't care about the politics of it.. i LOVED him in his roles. Love ALL those movies. real.
I still want to see him.as old as he can get! He's simply MICHAEL CANE! Original.intresting. Perfect!