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On both sides of my family, I come from a rich history of intuitive people.
I like to use my natural gifts to help others.Michelleofdreams is my intuitive website.
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Here are three easy ways to boost your intuition

* Gaze up at the sky. You can do this day or night. Look at the clouds surf by or count stars in the night sky. It's my personal form of meditation. If you do this for at least five minutes, your everyday mind quiets down. Then you can begin to hear your intuition speak to you.

* Make daily simple choices using your Intuition. As we go through our day we have choices to make, allow your Intuition to help. Do I cook chicken or fish? Do I take the train or my car. Do I wear the blue shirt or the green shirt? These simple choices are training yourself on how it feels to use your intuition. As well as, building your intuitive muscles to grow stronger. When the big decisions come, you will know intuitively how to make the best choice for you. Do I leave my job or stay put? Is it time to get married or pursue other people?

* Luminous Beings are we said Yoda.He is right. We are energy in human form. Energy speaks quicker and louder than sight and sound. Your intuition is like a subtle energy receptor. Ask yourself how do people, things and situations feel to you? Your intuition will let you know immediately what the energy is your feeling: Happy, sad, angry, chaotic, joyful. You will know instinctively how to respond even if your logical mind barks at you.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope these three tips help you connect to your intuition more. More info on Intuition or getting a reading with me click here