I'm a Born and raised New York actor and writer . Here is my website michelledoesthis. I am currently
working on turning the fantasy screenplay I co-wrote into a tv pilot.

One of my dreams is to write an acting book. A book that is fun, inspirational and colorful. Here are a few insights that I have gleamed that I like to share with anyone interested in acting.

The Five W's are your friends.
Acting is in the character and situation. The Fantastic Five W's are you best friends as an actor.
The Fantastic Five W's can help you unlock and understand your character, what is going on, major themes in any script or play, etc. Whatever script you have, remember the writer wrote these words for a reason, it's your job to figure out how it relates to your character. With that said, also be aware it’s also what is underneath the words that give spice, life and breathe to your acting.

A Bit of The Business

Make sure you look like your headshots look like you. The you that you are most of the time. I can’t stress that enough. When I walk into an audition, people say my name because I look like me. When they have to figure out who you are and start looking at your picture then back at you in the audition you are in trouble. Half of the reason you are called in is for how you look. Please, never come to an audition without your picture and resume. Think of it as important as carrying your cell and wallet. Never leave home without it. (I have never done this, I have been on many auditions where actors do this!)

Remember, your audition starts as soon as you walk through the door! Rehearse coming in the audition, saying your name, how you begin and end your monologues. This helps keeps yourself grounded when the real life audition comes. Learn to take rejection gracefully. Yes, it will hurt. Just keep looking for the Yes in the arena of No's. Keep moving to the next audition/interview. Because you will get Yeses. Revel in that.